Aetheri Elves

In the realm of Aetheri beings of ethereal grace have forged their
sanctuary, they are seekers of visionary ideas, bound by their duty to
safeguard the four sacred springs- Anu, Idunn, Nor and Llys.

Their community thrives in 4 cities (Aislinn, Rhiannon, Mererid and
Talwyn), with crystalline spires piercing the sky. Their visionary ideas and
dedication to the Source and its springs shape their every endeavour,
their community has a strong connection to the realms beyond.

Location: Aislinn

The High Castle of Aislinn serves as a symbol of both elven
elegance and ambition. Its grand halls are adorned with
crystal chandeliers that rival the frozen stars of a winter's
night, casting a shimmering radiance that bathes the entire
realm in a luminous glow.