Irréalta Elves

The Realm of Spiritual Elves: Known as Irréalta.

This realm is a mesmerizing underground kingdom bathed in ethereal
red hues. Tunnels and caverns weave through the depths of the earth,
illuminated by mystical crystals that cast a warm, crimson glow.

The Spiritual Elves, also known as the Irréaltars, are deeply attuned to
the spiritual energies that flow through the earth. They practice
ancient rituals and delve into the mysteries of the unseen realms.
Within Irréalta, esoteric wisdom is cherished, and the Spiritual Elves
are regarded as the custodians of the Soul- the force that will ultimately
reunite the Realms.

Location: Elysium

Irréalta, bathed in its ethereal red hues, a visual interpretation of
Hades from Greek mythology. The warm, crimson glow of the
Soulstones gives the realm an otherworldly ambiance. In Irréalta,
time seems to stand still, and one can almost imagine encounters
with ancient spirits and ethereal beings as they move through this
captivating underground kingdom protecting The Source.