Verdelore Elves

The Realm of Sylvan Elves: Known as Verdelore, this realm is a lush
and vibrant land where the Sylvan Elves reside in harmonious
coexistence with nature and the enchanted forests.

The air is filled with the melodies of woodland creatures and the gentle
whispers of the trees. Their connection with nature is profound, and
they are revered as the protectors and guardians of the forest's balance.

Immerse yourself in a breathtaking world where immense forest
lakes and vibrant vegetation surround a central megacity tree,
cascading with mesmerizing waterfalls.

Location: Leteea

The Realm of Sylvan Elves, Verdelore, is a sanctuary of
breathtaking natural beauty. Towering oak trees, their gnarled
branches reaching skyward, create a majestic canopy that bathes
the realm in dappled sunlight. Beneath these ancient sentinels,
lush ferns carpet the forest floor, and delicate trilliums bloom in
beautiful natural shades.