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Elven Springs

Aetheri Edition, 12 oz Size Cans (12-Pack)

Aetheri Edition, 12 oz Size Cans (12-Pack)

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Nestled high among the celestial peaks of Aetheri, these springs yield waters as crystal-clear as the winter's first snowfall. The taste is like a cool breeze on a warm day, refreshing and invigorating. With each sip, you'll feel the embrace of the boundless sky and the whisper of dreams.

Close your eyes, and you might just soar through the clouds.

  • 100% Magic
  • Infinitely Recyclable Aluminum Cans
  • Limited Edition Artwork for Each Can Edition

Flavor Profile:
Light Refreshing Citrus - The light, refreshing citrus flavor of the Aetheri Edition has broken the rules of flavor.

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