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Elven Springs

Verdelor Edition, 12 oz Size Cans (12-Pack)

Verdelor Edition, 12 oz Size Cans (12-Pack)

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Drawn from the heart of Verdelore, these waters are a symphony of natural purity. They taste like the crisp, sweet kiss of morning dew on emerald leaves. As you drink, you'll sense the vibrant energy of the forests and the gentle rustle of leaves.

It's a sip of the very essence of nature.

  • 100% Magic
  • Infinitely Recyclable Aluminum Cans
  • Limited Edition Artwork for Each Can Edition

Flavor Profile:
Kiwi Lime with a Hint of Cucumber - Verdelore is wherever you can find it, delivering Mother Nature's flavors with kiwi, lime, and a hint of cucumber. This blend captures the lush spirit of Verdelore, evoking the freshness of a bright morning in the heart of the jungle.

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